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School Uniforms and Leisure Wear

comprehensive range of clothing and shoe ranges

Creative    Clothing    is    a    clothing    store    situated    in    Delmas.    We    stock    a comprehensive   range   of   school   uniforms    for   all   Primary   Schools,   High Schools as well  as most pre-schools in and around the Delmas area.  We    offer    a    wide    variety    of    school    Shoes,    sport    equipment,    school suitcases and all other school supplies, including stationery. Creative   Clothing   is   an   agent   for   Barron   and Altitude   corporate   and   leisure wear,   as   well   as   Salomon,   Falke,   Jeep,   Fitflop,   Salomon,   Hunter   and many more well known and exclusive ranges. We   offer   a   large   range   of   shirts,   jackets,   caps   and   pants   to   choose   from on   which   any   logo,   text   or   wording   can   be   printed   as   per   out   clients' requests.        Contact    us    on    mandie@creativeclothingdelmas.co.za     for    a comprehensive    quote    on    all    your    corporate    clothing    and    branding requirements.
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